This is the personal web site of one Matti Niemenmaa, who tends to go by Deewiant online.

Software projects

The main attraction here is likely the set of software projects I've authored. Most of the publicly available ones are summarized in the table below. The name, description, programming language(s) used, the latest version number (if any), and the last updated date are indicated. The date does not necessarily reflect development activity; typically it describes when the last non-developmental release was made.

My GitHub profile at may also be of interest. Its contents overlap with this site but neither fully contains the other.

GlobPathname pattern matching (globbing) libraryHaskell0.10.1
list-triesTrie data structure library.
No longer maintained by me, visit arybczak at GitHub instead.
dobelx64DOBELA interpreterx86-64 assembly (FASM dialect)1.1.1
CCBIFunge-98 interpreterD 1.02.1
FungicideBefunge-98 synthetic benchmark suiteBefunge-98, Perl, zsh1.0
FungifyFunge integer encoding utilityHaskell
MycologyBefunge-98 standards conformance test suiteBefunge-982010-04-01
PipeProcess pipelining libraryHaskell2.1.2
CoadjuteSimple build utilityHaskell0.1.1
DeewiantSudokuSudoku solverD alpha 1
ASiPContent-bare text adventure engineJava

Contact information

E-mail: (my forename).(my surname)+web at the domain
IRC: nickname "Deewiant" in various networks
GnuPG public key: 9BF0 5B58 68DA CF8E F7D9 6023 2E83 7055 3FA5 7E16

My GnuPG public key can also be downloaded here:

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